About The Program

Corporate Essentials are a set of training programs that compare key corporate compliance and regulatory trainings such as POSH , Business Ethics , Diversity, Workplace Safety & Information Security. Each of these training programs are absolutely essential for an orgnaization striving to achieve a makeover in overall ehos at workplace.

Corporate Essentials Training Topics

POSH: Prevention of Sexual Harrasment(POSH) training will enable participants understand that sexual harrasment is, know the legalities involved in matters of sexual harassment, prevent sexual harassment, handle sexual harassment complaints & maintain positive work environment

Business Ethics: This training will help you and your workers cultivate an ethical workplace with more motivated and trustworthee employees

Diversity: This training will enable organizations reap benefits of this diversity through sensitization on various aspects such as religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities & age

Workplace Safety : Help reduce any safety-related incidents at your workplace with this highly effective safety training. Safety compliance is now a must in all organizations today prefere staying in compliance , reducing any risks of incidents/accidents , avoiding cost implications & reparations that may result out of compliance

Information Security: This program is designed to educate employees to protect critical & confidential data. The program will enable companies to increase security awareness on organizations’ information security, policies, procedures


Most of traditional corporate essential training are driven by content-centric approach with hardly any focus on people; however these programs are designed to enable people to apply what they have learnt in these trainings at their workplace. Thus, giving way to more effective workplace safety and culture that’s conducive to everyone


The duration of the program ranges from 2 hours to 2 days

Target Audience

All employees

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